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ReAnimus Press publishes best-selling books from award-winning authors. This is Edward Bryant's official web store for these titles. Ebooks are available directly on the site, without DRM; print books are sold through's printing service.

$7.99 (ebook), $12.99 (print)

In the city at the center of time, paradox is just another urban renewal project. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $12.99 (print)

Troubling tales as only Ed Bryant can tell. Don't miss the author introductions! [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $9.99 (print)

Modern day witch Angela Black faces some strange goings on with an old flame. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $9.99 (print)

Wyoming Sun by Edward Bryant : East of your nightmares, west of your dreams... [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $12.99 (print)

Particle Theory by Edward Bryant : A collection of many of Ed's best works, including two Nebula Award winning short stories. [More...]

$7.99 (ebook), $12.99 (print)

A marvelous collection of wickedly apocalyptic stories by a two-time Nebula Award winning author. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $9.99 (print)

Neon Twilight by Edward Bryant : Three wonderful space opera stories, including Ed's Berserker story! [More...]

$2.99 (ebook), $6.99 (print)

A trio of twisted little tales from the master of twistedness. [More...]

$2.99 (ebook), $7.99 (print)

Darker Passions by Edward Bryant : A trio of dark tales, all in the name of passion. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $10.99 (print)

Nightmares and ghosts haunt a former bomber pilot and head of a power company. [More...]

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All our books are also available on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Apple, Sony, etc. if you prefer to purchase them there. The benefits of purchasing ebooks directly from the ReAnimus Store here is that you get both .EPUB and .MOBI formats for the price of one (and without DRM), so they work on your Kindle, Nook, iPad and just about every other ereader — not just a single device. If you change your type of ereader and made your purchase here, you don't have to repurchase your books. Purchases in ReAnimus Press store also benefit the authors more; so if it doesn't matter to you, please support your favorite authors by making your purchase here. (Likewise, paperbacks purchased through Amazon's CreateSpace page benefit the author more, and are the same exact books and fulfilment as the ones Amazon sells on We also offer a 7-day money-back return policy on ebooks. We want you to be satisfied!


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