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The streets are filled with Uzi-toting enforcers and wire heads—but Glorianna O'Toole and others have a plan to fix the world. Rock'n'roll to the rescue... [in Print Format] [More...]

$6.99 (ebook), $15.99 (print)

"One of the greatest collections of science fiction short stories ever" — [More...]

$16.99 (print)


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Tired of his low-level job with the American space program, engineer Jerry Reed makes enemies of friends when he moves to Paris, where the EEC and the Soviet Union have joined to create a renaissance in space exploration. [in Print Format] [More...]

$15.99 (print)


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Renowned science fiction writer Adolf Hitler's Hugo Award winning novel! [in Print Format] [More...]

$8.99 (ebook)

GET SET FOR THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU! The banned book is back! You've heard of it, now you can read it! Lover and hero, Jack Barron, troubleshooter and media god of the Bug Jack Barron Show, has one last chance to hit it big when he meets Benedict Howards, the power-mad man with the secret to immortality. A Hugo and Nebula Award finalist! [More...]

$14.99 (print)


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Pacifica was a monument to freedom and equality—until the off-worlders came... [in Print Format] [More...]

$15.99 (print)


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In the exotic Second Starfaring Age, a girl wanders the many worlds seeking her destiny—an SFnal On the Road. [in Print Format] [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $16.99 (print)

A novel about the fast-lane life in the publishing world, by the award-winning Norman Spinrad. [More...]

$6.99 (print)


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The only thing more dangerous than the Plague—is the cure... [in Print Format] [More...]

$13.99 (print)


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The novel that not just predicts the next century of climate change, but what will be done about it... [in Print Format] [More...]

$12.99 (print)


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Boris Johnson and the agents of CHAOS want democracy. The Hegemony doesn't. What do the Assassins want? The Aliens? [in Print Format] [More...]

$2.99 (ebook), $17.99 (print)

A hard look at the American Dream, and visions of things to come. [More...]

$12.99 (print)


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For 300 years the Solarians had isolated themselves from the galaxy with the promise to reappear one day to bring victory. With the human race at stake in a war with machine-like beings, can Jay Palmer accept them and their dangerous plan to surrender Earth? [in Print Format] [More...]

$14.99 (print)


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The Movement—was it the greatest con of all time, or the last true religion? A chilling novel about the evil of cults. [in Print Format] [More...]

$14.99 (print)


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Symbiotically linked to her ship, Void Pilot Dominique Alia Wu senses something transcendent in the void... [in Print Format] [More...]

$0.99 (ebook), $4.99 (print)

A must-read essay for all Readers and Writers of Science Fiction [More...]

$12.99 (print)


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Only the sorcerers of Space Systems, Inc., dare traffic in the "Black Sciences"... "leads the reader gently toward wider and more awesome vistas"—Larry Niven [in Print Format] [More...]

$14.99 (print)


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Ecoterrorists take over an LA TV station, wired to blow up the planet... and the ratings are going through the roof. [in Print Format] [More...]

$14.99 (print)


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All his life, Fraden had been in control... but on Sangre, he had been tampered with, and now he was afraid. [in Print Format] [More...]

$2.99 (ebook), $19.99 (print)

Hollywood... a jungle where a new set of predators is clawing savagely for domination. [More...]

$8.99 (ebook), $19.99 (print)

The prophecy is fulfilled. The fifth world has fallen. The sixth world is born, and only one man holds the secret of the late empire... [More...]

$0.99 (ebook), $15.99 (print)

How things really work in the art and commerce of publishing by a three-time SFWA President. [More...]

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