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ReAnimus Press publishes best-selling books from award-winning authors. This is Kate Wilhelm's official web store for these titles. Ebooks are available directly on the site, without DRM; print books are sold through's printing service.

$6.99 (ebook)

Stunning stories by a master of SF. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook)

Charlie and Constance face a setup—had their young clients plotted the murder in advance? [More...]

$5.99 (ebook)

The new theater director brings more than Shakespeare to town... [More...]

$5.99 (ebook)

Who murdered the bestselling author? [More...]

$6.99 (ebook)

A family of geniuses peers into the future... [More...]

$7.99 (ebook)

Whoever finds the $5,000,000 hidden in the dead man's house gets to keep it—a recipe for murder and calling in Charlie and Constance. [More...]

$5.99 (ebook)

A Barbara Holloway mystery: Whose client did it, hers -- or her father's? [More...]

$6.99 (ebook)

Vol.1 of a 2 volume set of 19 master stories, including Hugo and Nebula winners. [More...]

$2.99 (ebook), $8.99 (print)

Damon Knight's and Kate Wilhelm's only collaboration [More...]

$3.99 (ebook)

What is Ramon's hold on Carl, one of the richest men in the country? Charlie and Constance must find out. [More...]

$9.99 (ebook)

19 master stories, including Hugo and Nebula winners. [More...]

$5.99 (ebook)

Mitch Arno always meant bad news for Folsum, Oregon... [More...]

$4.49 (ebook)

Sam and Lori had just met, and now they're dead... ghosts... trying to solve the mystery of how they died—and prevent a murder... [More...]

$3.99 (ebook)

Charlie and Constance investigate insurance fraud, and a ruthless killer isn't happy about that. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook)

Charlie, a serial arsonist? [More...]

$3.99 (ebook)

SF from a great, Nebula Award winning author. [More...]

$5.99 (ebook)

Lara and Vinny had a lovely marriage... until he turns up dead and she turns up a large insurance policy. [More...]

$5.99 (ebook)

Art retreats and land developers don't mix in this Charlie & Constance mystery. [More...]

$9.99 (ebook)

Eyewitnesses saw Travis kill his father... or did they? [More...]

$6.99 (ebook)

Vol.2 of a 2 volume set of 19 master stories, including Hugo and Nebula winners. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook)

Five uncanny stories from the amazing Kate Wilhelm. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook)

Charlie and Constance meet Brother Amos, speaker to the dead. [More...]

$6.99 (ebook)

11 new SF stories by master storyteller Kate Wilhelm. [More...]

$5.99 (ebook)

Charlie and Constance face sudden outbreaks of murderous insanity... [More...]

$5.99 (ebook)

The placid woods of Spender's Ferry muffle a teeming jungle of secrets... [More...]

$5.99 (ebook)

With murder afoot, just how smart is the smart house? [More...]

$5.99 (ebook)

The first of the Barbara Holloway Mysteries. [More...]

$3.49 (ebook)

He never set out to be a serial killer; it was a role fate thrust upon him. [More...]

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