The Stochastic Man

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by Robert Silverberg

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Captivating and thought-provoking, THE STOCHASTIC MAN is another outstanding novel by award-winning Robert Silverberg. Lew Nichols is been in the business of stochastic prediction--surveys and high-powered guesswork. Nichols has also been the administrative assistant to the mayor of New York City, the contented husband of Sundara Shastri, and a disciple of Martin Carvajal--an odd little man who is capable of seeing the future. But Nichols' life is changing. While under the influence of Carvajal, Nichols seeks the secrets of developing second sight, so he can manipulate the future. With unrivaled skill, Silverberg has created characters with great complexity, whose dilemmas have a strange air of future reality.


  Buy from Amazon (paperback)  

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