The Alien Years

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by Robert Silverberg

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It was the worst of times...

Fifteen feet tall, the Entities land in cities across Earth. Ignoring humankind, they wall themselves in impenetrable enclaves, enslaving a few willing collaborators with the telepathic PUSH. Then they plunge humans in a new Dark Age without electricity, allowing us to live—but no longer as a dominant species.

But a few refuse to submit to fate, including the Carmichael family, whose patriarch will inspire a daring new generation of dissidents. United in spirit, these diverse rebels—an aging hippie, a cold-blooded assassin, a prodigal son, and a renegade hacker—will attempt to kill the mysterious Prime Entity and free the planet.

A novel that evokes the feeling of Heinlein at his best. (And not unwittingly; the major character name "Anson" will certainly strike a chord with Heinlein fans.) :) Fans of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds will find a good read as well.

An epic masterpiece.

"The ultimate alien invasion novel"
—Jack McDevitt

"Sobering and frightening... Silverberg's rich characters, his dead-on target vision of modern society, his mastery at building tension—are all in evidence in this notable outing from one of the very best."
—Publishers Weekly


  Buy from Amazon (paperback)  

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