Memory Blank

Not released yet—coming soon! (Dec. 15)

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by John E. Stith

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Release date — Dec. 15

Cal Donley regains consciousness on the orbital colony Daedalus. It's a beautiful place, home for more than a million people, but Cal doesn't remember leaving Earth. In fact, he can't remember his name or most of the past dozen years.

He's had his memory blanked at a Forget-Me-Now memory erasure shop — Why? And why is he covered in dried blood that isn't his?

Praise for Memory Blank

"In the realm of novels, John E. Stith's Memory a good solid mystery, a good adventure, and even a good science-fiction novel—all between one set of covers."—Starlog

"Gave me the most realistic description of living in an O'Neill colony of anything I've read, and colony descriptions are interwoven through this fast-paced and intriguing story."—L5 News

"This futuristic thriller is taut and gripping, the characters are believable, and the computer's pretty human, too!"—British Science Fiction Society Newsletter


This ebook is in your choice of formats that work for almost every ebook reader and has no copy protection ("DRM"). Read it on any reader you want, any time. Not released yet—coming soon! (Dec. 15)

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